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Thousands of dollars of FREE coupons and cash-back dollars plus barter, thrift store, auction, health discount and other income generating options. Go to: Smart Guy for savings from local providers in your area

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Opportunities to:   

  • Build or buy a home for less
  • Find job and small business training, health, wellness and faith options
  • Free training as a Virtual Assistant and be employed to create cash flow, equity and retirement options
  • Enjoy Culinary & Fine Arts programs and donate to selected causes of your choice
  • Connect with a Life Coach system
  • Enjoy the resources in the "Links Library"
  • Save by purchasing from the HOPE Marketplace and benefit from The HOPE Collection projects at the same time
  • Learn more from no-or-low cost education options for you and your family with certifications, degrees and more

Programs for Veterans, First Responders, their Extended Families, Seniors and their Caregivers like: 

Other organizations and businesses are welcome to join forces to provide HOPE to others as well.

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Thank you to Len Kaine, founder of the Golden Rule Society for his inspiration and insight. Collaboration is a great thing!

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Learn about Pharmacogenomics and how to protect yourself from inappropriate Drug Prescriptions

Golden Rule Society
Len Kaine, Founder and President

      A Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
in 2003 & 2014

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