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The Hope Collection - Guest: Joel Griffing, Founder

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Chuck Vollmer's, Jobenomics studies and publications, are telling us the truth about today's society  With globalization, US Manufacturing has declined 55% in the last 3 decades and 8.4 million jobs were lost from 2008/2009.  This obviously is effecting our daily and long-term needs. As a result, Americans have been turning to government, rather than business to resolve their salary and financial issues. The result of this attitude is that far too few people, are charged with paying for, far too many!  A Dead End practice!!!

The aging population, the large number of government paid employees, the swelling ranks of unemployed or underemployed, the number of high debt burdened citizens have increased the demand as well, while limiting the number who have the where-with-all to meet the demand.

Is there an answer?  Yes!  It rests with every citizen, family, and community.  

Question? Have you got a Purpose?  It takes folks with passion to stay the course to resolution.  

Culturally, we have been supplied with a Golden Rule for life! To Love God, the Creator of Life and to Treat Others, Like We Would Like to be Treated!  Therein lies the format for a Purpose Driven Life!  We are told to, Not only Give Another a Fish, but to Teach Them How to Fish!

What does that mean?  What's the template?

Well, here you are, become a Social Entrepreneur, Servant Leader that implements and pays forward to others the Duplex Model System, as described below, to Help Others, Help Others!

Question?  What do Ray Kroc, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet all have in common?  They created and have owned a method that helped others, help others!  

Ray?  Franchising System!

Bill? IT System!

Warren? Investment System!

Notice the word, System!  Each refined a method, that could be duplicated by others, that would help others and support the efforts of others to meet the needs of others!

-          How does one learn how to do this?  

-          Can a person learn to do this?  

-          The answer is Yes and the time is Now!  

Example:  What is Uber? You have heard of Uber its a recently developed System, that helps others, help others!  How did it get started?

On a snowy Paris evening in 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp had trouble hailing a cab. So, they came up with a simple idea, tap a button, get a ride.  What started as an App. to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas is now changing the logistical fabric of cities around the world. Whether it's rides, a sandwich or package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.

What is the Duplex Model?  You guessed it!  A System! It engages both the physical and the virtual tools that you can use to Help Others, Help Others!  Today, as Brian Arthur describes, much of what formerly was physical, now is digital.  Amazon for example, uses Robots to pull, pack and ship merchandise.  Even though digital produces little that is physical, its dollar value in the Marketplace will equal that of the physical.  As leaders often say, If you don't change, you're going to like irrelevance even less Repaving cow paths, gets old!