Super Charger

Super Charger

NOTE: You may purchase the Seed Supercharger alone for $19.99 ( comes with 3 produce seed assortment) or with selected seed assortment (a-m) for $24.99 

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A unique seed germination kit that contains all the necessary components and step-by-step instructions and video support for growing plants from most any seeds in plain sight or with stealth. This item comes standard with produce seed assortment. See listing (a-m) of versions with other specific seed assortments. Seeds are started in the enclosed Seed Supercharger Chamber which maintains proper moisture level for germination using treated substrate for initial root development and replanting in Rock Wool Starter Blocks for later seedling growth and then transplanted into Loam soil for continued growth. “NutraAdd” nutrient enhances root growth and causes seedlings to more quickly become strong plants for later transplant into pots or outdoors. The chamber can be used for a wide variety of seeds. The kit contains all the components needed including gloves, sprout grabber for careful transplant of seedlings, PH chart and test strips, nutrient, Loam Soil, and Rock Wool Starter Blocks.

*Makes germinating seeds easy by providing a protective environment

*7 in. x 6 in. x 3 in. Grow-Ur-Own Cigar Kit Clear Plastic Seed

*Detailed illustrated instructions and supportive videos provide step-by-step coaching in exactly what to do

*Contains paper substrate for initial root development and transplant of seedlings into rock wool or soil to continue seedling growth in the supercharger environment before transplanting in pots or outside

*Allows easy PH testing and handling of seeds and seedlings during the germination process

*Can be used in plain sight or with stealth to turn seeds into fully grown plants


Although the SUPERCHARGER may be used strictly for early initiation of the germination cycle before local frost conclusion dates, indoor applications allow for far earlier start dates. Intended as an associated product to the VUFU Urban Agriculture “HyDRIPonic Tower”, it may also be used in other applications should you choose to do so. Placement outdoors earlier in the maturity cycle exposes the sprouts to general conditions before placement in whatever the final growth location selected.

Your SUPERCHARGER contains the “NUTRAAD” Growth Exciter Nutrient to encourage root generation and strength. It also contains the latest development in porous non-soil growing mediums called “Growstone” which is produced from crushed glass and natural Lava Rock. These assist in maintaining moisture levels should you limit temporarily the necessary moisture conditions.

The design of the molded plastic SUPERCHARGER includes raised ridges built into the waterproof tray to aide root growth in seeking the nutrient level which is maintained at an intended height. The clear plastic allows for heat buildup which improves the potential for germination. Placing suitable holes depending upon you particular purpose allows for drainage. The built-in structural supports allow drainage hole placement without affecting the overall strength or stability of the SUPERCHARGER. 





Pre-sprouting certain seeds (melons, Cukes) often have resulted in a larger overall crop. To pre-sprout before planting in the SUPERCHARGER for later planting in the “Hydriponic” Tower, we use damp paper towels and roll them up and keep them warm. Surprisingly, certain paper towels work better than others which either may be due to the paper itself or the moisture retention but “Bounty” works best for us. Then we transplant them into the SUPERCHARGER.

Do not let the fledgling root hairs get all tangled up in the paper so monitor the germination and when you see the growth activity, move them carefully to the growing container and let them continue until solid enough to put into the “Hydriponic” Tower.

Your SUPERCHARGER has built-in locking tabs to secure the top portion to the bottom portion. The two parts have an integral hinge between them. Some models are intended to double the growth area and include a second SUPERCHARGER to act as a cover when opened and additional components. You may upgrade your SUPERCHARGER by purchase of a second SUPERCHARGER and using it as the cover. Each SUPERCHARGER has sufficient components included for the growing process. In the event you wish to use both the top and bottom of a single SUPERCHARGER for germinating seeds to double the area, be certain to cover them tightly with plastic wrap to maintain moisture levels. 

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