VUFI Hydriponics Tower with porous Rock - NEW

VUFI Hydriponics Tower with porous Rock - NEW

Model 385 HyDRIPonic Tower Automatic Feeding Version for $69.99 Complete 24”x16”

 Just Released -- ECONOMY MODEL

 Compare to soil-less systems that cost $600 and above. Your Cost $69.99!  Includes seeds or use pregrown plants.  As seen on FOX NEWS and in other media as a new way to grow produce and herbs, to cut supermarket costs and to enhance meal planning.  No upset of neighbors or the HOA that you are growing produce. Grow anything in plain sight or with stealth.  Your purchase also funds a free veteran benefit and gives you a nonprofit donation letter.*


  • Waters itself automatically
  • 20 minute no-tools assembly
  • Complete kit - includes 2 kinds of porous rock substrate, high-tech "NutraAdd" nutrient and seeds.
  • Automatically waters all growth layers with no electricity or pumps
  • A real cost saver at the supermarket
  • Makes it easy to add taste and aroma to meals. Just clip plants and add to dishes
  • Use pre-grown plants or seeds
  • Big Box store sells version at $149.99

Originally developed for deployed troops in remote areas to enhance MRE rations, the civilian version is produced by the non-profit Veterans Urban Farming Initiative to raise funds for free Veteran Benefit Distribution Program.

 *Consult your tax advisor on use of the donation letter.

USD $69.99
USD $69.99
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These modest priced alternatives to complex high priced systems that use electricity, pumps, and require agricultural knowledge utilize the unique EZ-SYPHON nutrient distribution method based on a physics fluid dynamics principle from the 1700's. Fluid placed in the uppermost tray is acted upon by pressure. The velocity increases during its downward flow in a series of tubes feeding lower growth trays.

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